Steve Bougetz

Transportation Manager  951-234-0320



Available Positions:

Delivery Driver:

The delivery driver will work with other members of the distribution team to increase company profitability and customer satisfaction by delivering complete, accurate and on-time deliveries to the company’s customers.  The driver will represent the company in a highly professional, safe and cost-effective manner complying with DOT and other applicable regulations. 


Job Duties:

 * Prepare truck for operation by assisting in and overseeing the loading of trucks, securing of items and verifying the accuracy of shipping papers


 * Inspect truck tires, lights, brakes, fluids, etc. to ensure safe and cost-effective performance with preventive maintenance in mind


 * Deliver orders via the most effective route to ensure complete orders are delivered according to established time frames and customers’ needs


 * Maintain communication with company during deliveries to ensure any updated instructions are received


 * Document delivery, accuracy and receipt of orders by the customer according to company directives  and report any discrepancies to company


 * Increase customer satisfaction by collecting information, feedback on service and resolving complaints per company policy;  communicate information back to company


 * Inform customers of new products and services that can increase customer satisfaction and sales


 * Maintain and monitor truck maintenance and driving record requirements, and maintain required documents for safety, security and quality processes


 * Update job knowledge


 * Safely operate forklifts and other warehouse equipment as required


 * Maintain a safe driving record free of violations


 * Perform occasional warehouse and counter duties


 * Maintain proficiency in computerized systems and other technologies as required


 * Follow company policies and procedures


 * Other duties as assigned


Job Requirements:

 * Deliver superior customer service.


 * Able to read maps and accurately plan routes.


 * Accuracy and attention to detail.


 * Professional demeanor.


 * Able to handle difficult customers with diplomacy and tact.


 * Capable of following written instructions and documented procedures.


 * Recognizes and understands product numbers and alpha/numeric codes.


 * When applicable (Class A Drivers) have working knowledge of Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations.


 * Effective listening, verbal and written communication skills.


 * Operates forklifts in compliance with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.


 * Able to withstand rapid temperature changes up to -10 degrees when working in cold storage facility or reefer trucks.


 * Able to climb/lift/jump/bend/stretch as required (up to 50+lbs).


 * Lift/carry/maneuver heavy material or equipment.


 * Pass a drug screen and background check.


 * Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.


 * Education:  High school diploma/GED preferred.


 * Experience:   Minimum 2 years in similar position preferred.



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