Our minimum order for delivery within our normal delivery schedules and routes is $400.  Deliveries to Nor-Cal, Arizona & Nevada are $600.  Orders below this amount or special deliveries outside our normal routes are subject to additional charges. To ensure product availability, all orders out of state must be received two days prior to your scheduled delivery day. Our order department is open from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Orders may be placed via phone, e-mail, voice mail, fax or on-line but must meet the order deadline of 11:00am two days before delivery.  All orders via fax or voicemail will be confirmed via an E-Mail confirmation.  Please call our customer service department if you do not receive confirmation. 951-296-1040



Products listed have been issued an ITEM numberWe ask that you use this item number when placing your orders.  Many errors caused by misunderstandings can be eliminated by using ITEM numbers as opposed to product descriptions. Pricing is subject to change without notice.



Any returned orders (i.e. non-payment, store closed prior to posted hours, etc.) will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day and is subject to a $25 special handling charge.  Any returned product that was ordered and shipped per our invoice will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.



Our driver will bring your order into your store and place it in your receiving area.  We cannot assume the responsibility of shelving or rotating your stock.  After your order has been unloaded, the manager or other authorized employee should carefully check the order with our driver.  All items on the invoice will be listed with the ITEM number, product description, unit cost and the extended dollar amount.  Any shortages, damages or approved spoilages will be noted on the invoice by the driver at the time of delivery.  Once assured of the accuracy of the invoice the authorized personnel should sign and date the invoice.   One copy of the invoice will be left at the store and one will be retained by our driver.  Please pay off of the invoice since no statements will be sent.



Any errors or adjustments with an invoice should be annotated at the time of delivery.  Any additional errors need to be reported to our office within 24 hours of delivery.  A credit memo will be issued by our office once the claim has been approved.  Please do not make any adjustments to the invoice prior to contacting our accounting department.



All accounts will be serviced on a COD basis unless credit terms have been established.  In order for us to accept checks for payment of invoices, we require a customer account application be on file in our office.  To obtain credit terms with our company, a credit application must be completed in full and on file in our office.  Once the application is received, depending on the trade references response time, it may take up to three weeks to process your request.



Accounts from which we receive NSF checks will be placed on a cash only basis for a minimum of 4 orders.  We ask that any returned checks not honored by your bank be replaced with cash, cashiers check, money order or credit card.   Please be aware a $50 service charge will be applied to the customers account for the returned check.  If a check is returned due to a bank error, a letter from the bank verifying the error will return the account to its prior status.  If you have any questions regarding our credit policy, please contact our credit department.


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